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How I Run 110 KM Last Month

How I Run 110 KM Last Month

It’s been long since I shared some content here. I have been very lazy and also needed to improve on my blog’s appearance on small screens which took long. I wrote this blog last year but never posted it, so lets get started with this because it’s very similar to what I’ve been doing recently. In Feb 2020, I run a total of 136KMs and it is a build-up from techniques I picked up earlier. In 2019 I run a total of 380 Kms.

It all started in June when I decided to run my first ever half marathon **(21.5KM) **at Kigali Peace Marathon in 2019. The preparations went well & I was confident I was going to do well but on the race day I realized how difficult it is to run for more than 20KM. I was fatigued by the time I got to 13th KM and this can be explained by the fact that I had not run more than 10KM in practice. It is at this point I learnt the importance of running high mileage to build the endurance prior to such a race. I managed too run a 1:54:31 which gave me an average pace of 5:20/KM . I was okay with the results and I look forward to beating this time next year since I now know how to prepare for it. In June I ran a total of 50Kms in just 7 runs.

On to the main topic now. In July 2019 I set myself a target to run 100 KMs, that means I would have to run at least 25Kms every single week. To meet this threshold, I decided to run 3 times every week using various sprints.

  1. Long Run: With long runs I targeted to run any distance above 10KM at a descent pace without worrying too much about the time.

  2. Recovery Runs: These were between 4 KM and 6 KM mostly a day after the long run to let the muscle recover. I used a conversational easy pace for these runs.

  3. Fast Threshold Run: This was either short interval speed runs of 1KM each or a continuous fast pace run on average 5KMs.

First 2 weeks I was on schedule having completed 50 KMs already. The third week I wasn’t able to run since I was traveling a lot and now I had only 1 week remaining to run 50Kms. I knew how long that distance was and that meant I had to increase the distance I was running as well as the frequency still leaving enough time for recovery. Eventually I was able to run 5 times with 3 long runs and 2 recovery runs covering a total distance of 54Kms. Two things that I thought were amazing is the fact that it didn’t feel overwhelming to my body & I didn’t get any injury. Even better I was able to run my longest distance so far of 22KM beating my previously half marathon distance. Overall I run 108 KM as shown in the screenshot below. Running and fitness in general has taught me invaluable lessons that I continue to apply in all aspects of life major ones being commitment, hardwork and patience.

Lessons Learnt & Tips to Get You Started

  1. You need proper running gear to run effectively. The most critical items are good running shoes and running pants. I got injuries a couple time on my thighs for running long distance with pants that did not have a proper lining on the inside, trust me that hurts once you’re done with the run :)
  2. Nutrition is Key for good performance. You will need to eat right especially a lot more carbohydrates to handle this level of intensity. I ate fast digesting carbohydrates before my long runs and sometimes carried a snack to eat along the way.
  3. Always go to the washroom before your long runs especially when running in the morning to avoid the discomfort of the “poop feeling” while on your run.
  4. Get an app or a watch to track your runs so that you have data to compare to and know when you are improving. I use Strava for tracking my runs.
  5. Run against the traffic on busy roads/ streets. This makes sure you are seeing incoming vehicles and bikes. Also on new routes do not run them when it’s dark, because there may be potholes/ uncovered sewer holes that might cause an injury.
  6. Recovery recovery recovery. Good recovery will prevent injuries and make you feel better & enjoy your runs. Best ways for me to recover is first by having enough sleep, at least 8 hrs of sleep. I also found hot water massage to work well especially for my calves and ankles that took a pounding after a long run.
  7. Have your pre-workout meal at least 2 hours before your run. On days you are doing long runs, you can carry energy bars with you to re-fuel on your run. I like using muesli bars for this.
  8. Run slow to run fast. You have to run slow on some occasions and work on building the endurance so that you can improve your time and pace for specific distances.
  9. Avoid distractions. If your goal is to improve on your time you need to concentrate on your run without distractions such as music on headphones that you have to adjust frequently. This could also be dangerous when running on busy routes.
  10. Avoid procrastination and just run even when you are down. It’s not all days you will have the motivation to leave your house for a run, just do it and trust me you will feel better afterwards.

I have enjoyed running actively for the last 3 month and my time and pace have improved greatly even when I maintain the same weight. It’s a fun activity that doesn’t require a big investment to get started, just some gear and your body :). If you are planning on training for your marathon or you just want to improve your running performance do reach out for cool online coaching package.

Stay safe and enjoy your time on the track/roads.



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