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Deploying Web Application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (PaaS)

When assigned the task of deploying a web application or an API, we are more inclined to use more traditional means such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as launch a virtual machine. With this route, it means that you will be controlling the configuration and management of the server and installation of required applications and libraries. In a scenario of a nodejs application, you will need nodejs installed and a server to run a nodejs application in prod such as …

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Understanding Microservice Architecture With Application Samples

Two years ago, I wrote my yet most popular blog on microservices vs monolith The aim of the blog was to introduce my readers to the advantages of microservice architecture and how that compares to a monolith architecture. While there has been a lot of growth in adoption of microservices recently, there is still big knowledge gaps on how to design your architecture, …

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Securing Your Web App With Free SSL Certificate in 10 Minutes

Recently I wrote a guide on how to deploy your first web application using apache2 on ubuntu 18.04

Today I will guide you through how to secure your application with free SSL certificate, that means your application will only be accessible via https and not http. I assume you have already deployed your application as described in the …

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How To Host Your First Web Application [Apache2 & Ubuntu 18.04]

Have you developed a web application and you didn’t have an idea on how to host it? How about hosting multiple websites on the same server (virtual Machine)? In this blog I will take you through the process of setting up the server and running your first web application.

I will be using Digital Ocean because they provide cheap virtal machines (droplet) for only $5 per month.You can use my referral link for a $100 in credit over 60 …

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Creating & Managing Kubernetes Secrets in Production

For my first technical blog in 2019, I will focus on kubernetes secrets having spent a lot of time trying to deploy a production application that uses sensitive keys that cannot not be hard coded in the code as clear text. Kubernetes offers you ways of managing your production-grade secrets (sensitive data such as tokens, keys, passwords, etc.) in a seamless manner regardless of the environment your application is running …

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Creating YAML Deployment File Using Kubectl

Last time I outlined steps of creating a kubernetes cluster and deploying a test image on AWS here.

Today lets talk about preparing your deployment yaml files by running one command. This can save you a lot of time creating and debugging your yaml file


  1. You have kubernetes cluster/ single kubernetes node running. You …

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How to Setup Kubernetes Cluster on AWS Using KOPS - Full Guide

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source platform originally designed by Google for automating deployment, scaling, and ochestrating operations of application containers across clusters of hosts, providing container-centric infrastructure. It has many features especially useful for applications running in production like service naming and discovery, load balancing, application health …

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Cloud Architectures Microservice Architecture vs Monlithic Architecture

There are millions of running application today most of which have been developed using a monolithic architecture. With the rise of IoT & Big Data, most of the infrastructure will be in the cloud to save on cost, increase delivery and give room for horizontal scaling.

Horizontal scalability is the ability to increase capacity by connecting multiple hardware or software entities so that they work as a single …

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Cloud Middleware Features

Cloud Middleware is a software platform that controls and coordinates different cloud services and makes it possible for users to issue service requests, and cloud providers to manage their infrastructure. Cloud Middleware consists of multiple abstraction layers that hides system complexity and enables communication between various applications, services, and devices that are part of a cloud service. There are a number of distinct and important features that cloud middleware provides, which …

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