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Hosting & Securing Your First Website On AWS S3 In 1hr

When you get to software development and develop your first static website using existing bootstrap/vuejs/reactjs templates, the next thing that you want to do is share your work with the public by hosting it. However, there are not many reliable and cheap dedicated website hosting solutions available to use. Previously I have written on hosting your first website on an ubuntu virtual …

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CI/CD Easy Way With GitLab

As a DevOps specialist I often struggle a lot with using some DevOps tools especially for the first time and end up spending tons of time trying to make things work. I also relish using awesome tutorials and guides that have been developed by other open source content creators to make my/our work easier. In that spirit I also enjoy creating content on things I learn that I believe will be useful to someone else out there. Find my other blogs on CI/CD with Jenkins

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Migrating a Microsoft Stack from a local VM to Microsoft Azure (Part II)

Emmanuel started a blog series highlighting the process of migrating a Microsoft Stack from a local VM to Microsoft Azure as well as the experience we had. If you missed that find it here.

In this blog I will go deep into explaining how we implemented a CI/CD pipeline for the applications running on Azure App …

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Continuous Delivery Using Jenkins for Docker & Kubernetes [Part 2]

In my previous blog I wrote about continuous delivery with Jenkins where I discussed what DevOps is and the various stages involved. I also went through the process of installing Jenkinson an Ubuntuserver. Today I will be describing step by step the process of creating a pipeline in Jenkins to implement continuous delivery for Docker and …

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Continuous Delivery With Jenkins [Part 1]

Development and Operations (DevOps) is a management culture that improves the IT service delivery agility on the basis of communication, collaboration and integration. It has become very critical to shorten the time to production for software as well as accepting change requests frequently. This requires a flexible method such as agile software development approach which can accelerate time to market and improve code quality.

In this blog series I will introduce you …

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